The softcover version of our anthology!
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Coming Soon!
“South, To Safety!”

southto-safety_coverA British girl, a RAF trained Dutch pilot, an Australian truck driver, a flawed English fighter pilot and an American newspaper correspondent struggle to survive the Japanese invasion of Malaya, the fall of Singapore and the invasion of the Dutch East Indies.

A wartime thriller full of suspense, intrigue, drama and action that will keep you turning pages until the survivors escape to Australia.

Now “under construction“; to be released Q4 2017

January 25, 2017

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Dec. 8, 2016,
Pearl Harbor and more – now officially an Amazon bestseller!
Thanks to all who have supported our marketing “blitz” of the past few weeks!
Dec. 5, 2016
the-java-gold-banner_2A new promotional banner has been introduced (posted in various Facebook Groups).Updates have been posted on the Brewster Buffalo page and the Dutch Tanks in Java;s final Battle.
In two weeks time the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor will be exactly 75 years ago. To commemorate this event, that changed our world forever and led to the downfall of the British, Dutch and French colonial empires in the East, we have published am anthology of short stories. They have one thing in common – the date – but are as diverse as possible, taking place in different locations around the world and featuring many different characters and themes.


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