Java Gold Series

Book One: “The Odyssey”

TJG_1_Final-3DThe story begins during the Second World War, as the Japanese invasion sets South East Asia  in flames. At the last possible moment, when the Japanese are already launching the final assault on Java, a planeload of pure gold is hurriedly sent off to safety in Australia.
But a malignant twist of fate intervenes and the gold is lost. For years, the hidden treasure casts its spell on the surviving crew members. But the jinx is still there and misfortune, violence and death follow in their wake when they try to retrieve the gold after the end of the war.
Their bloody treasure hunt takes them back to the Dutch East Indies, a restive place despite the war’s end.

As the story continues, their expedition takes them across continents, spanning India, Australia, Europe and North Africa. Their exciting exploits and sizzling romances are juxtaposed with historical developments of places scarred by war and colonialism, the racism of corrupt societies and the emerging threat of terrorism.  The tale is replete with danger and treachery as the pursuit of “The Java Gold” shows the treasure hunters that human life is the price of greed.

This volume marks the beginning of a series of books following the treasure-hunting rogues. Kingsley blends kinetic action with meticulously researched factual details, infusing the work with his own passion for aviation and the Second World War, giving readers an exhilarating literary experience that’s part historical fact, part pulp fiction and all adventure.

“The Odyssey ” ended up in the top 10 (semi-finalist) of the 2016 Adventure Writers Competition!

What Others Say:

Cristoph Fischer  Historical Novel Society; Rating Five stars out Five on 3 Nov 2015.
Interesting characters, a fascinating historical background, excellent suspense and a really good plot made this a very memorable and rewarding reading experience.

Vigilant Reader Book Reviews,  Rating Four stars out of five Posted 4/9/2016.
The main story is fiction, but it is wrapped within accurate historical data of the war effort. The plot is complex and the author’s attention to details and research are exemplary.
I highly recommend this story for action/adventure and WWII fans

Ron, reader, Rating Five Stars out of Five, 15 August 2015
… this one did keep me wanting to keep reading to find out what happens next. I also enjoyed the inclusion of factual information about people and places. I am looking forward to Book 2.

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Book Two: “Winds of Fortune”

It is early 1948. The TJG2_2018_2war is over but there is no peace in South East Asia. Nations strive for independence and fiercely resist the return of their former colonial masters.
The few survivors of the gold flight are caught in this ground-swell of violence, betrayal and murder. Pursued by dangerous enemies, they have to endure misfortune and disillusion when, independent of each other, they attempt to retrieve the lost gold.
The story plays against the tumultuous background of the Indonesian struggle for independence, opposed by the Dutch military and threatened by political conspirators and murky plots hatched by foreign intelligence operatives.
It takes the reader from the emerald green Indonesian islands to romance and tragedy in Kenya and Italy. From violent action in French Indochina to Australia’s barren outback where doubtful airplanes owned by shady companies ferry emigrants in and sneak out loaded with smuggled gold…

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