Pearl Harbor and More

banner_4December 7, 1941; the day the world changed forever with the Japanese surprise attacks on Pearl Harbor, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines…
It marked the beginning of the end of the great British, Dutch and French colonial empires in the Far-East, the emergence of a new global power structure and a cold war as a consequence.

I and seven other authors have teamed up to commemorate this by contributing short stories that all have one thing in common: the date. But they are as divers as can be. Here’s and overview.

Deadly Liberty by R.V. Doon: When a Navy nurse goes AWOL to help an old friend find her missing child the day before the attack on Pearl Harbor, one of her nurse colleagues on leave in the port city rallies to help her. Their mission proves much more perilous than they could ever have imagined.
The List by Vanessa Couchman: A high-ranking German officer is assassinated in Western France and 50 hostages are shot. Fifty more will be executed if the killers are not handed over. Jewish communist Joseph Mazelier is on the list. Will Countess Ida agree to help him escape?
Christmas Eve in the City of Dreams by Alexa Kang: On his last night in New York, a young grifter sets out to turn the table on those who shorted him before he leaves for the draft. Will he win or lose?
Allies After All by Dianne Ascroft: Although their nations are allies, from their first meeting American civilian contractor Art Miller and Local Defence Volunteer, Robbie Hetherington loathe each other. But Northern Ireland is too small a place for such animosity. What will it take to make the two men put aside their enmity and work together?
Time to Go by Margaret Tanner: A young sailor, who died at Pearl Harbor, finally meets his soulmate on the 75th Anniversary of the battle. Will she be prepared to leave the 21st century, and pass through a portal into the other world with him? Or will they forever remain apart?
Turning Point by Marion Kummerow: Margarete Rosenbaum is about to be sent to a labor camp, when a bomb hits the building she lives in. Emerging from the rubble she’s presented with an unexpected opportunity. But how far is she willing to go to save her life?
I Am An American by Robyn Hobusch Echols: The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and the next day the United States declares war on Japan and Germany. For the families of two Livingston, California, USA high school seniors, Ellen Okita, a first generation American who lives in the Yamato Colony composed of about 100 families of Japanese descent, and Flo Kaufmann, whose father is a first generation American in his family, the war hits home fast and brings unforeseen changes.

A Rude Awakening by Robert A. Kingsley: Singapore, December 1941; the fortress sleeps, believing its own tales of strength and invulnerability. A rigidly class based society throws garden parties and dines sedately, disregarding the slowly growing number of warning signals. Suddenly, the underestimated enemy ferociously attacks and the myth of invincibility is shattered forever.

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