About the Books

Over 70 years ago, the first (and worst) global war in human history came to an end. The aftermath of this tragic conflict however, still influences our lives. And  the number of those who actively participated now rapidly dwindles and the memories of what really happened are disappearing with them. This is especially true about events in the lesser known areas such as South-East Asia and Australia.

It is with those thoughts in mind that I started writing my books. My idea is to use history as a framework for a story that will captivate my readers while conveying the feeling of what it was like to be caught up in a sudden war and its aftermath. And all backed up by verifiable facts

Now available from Amazon:

Robert Kingsley's Books

The Java Gold Series

Follow a few desperate men in their quest for a cargo of pure gold that got lost at the outbreak of the Pacific War. A riveting tale that takes the reader to three different continents and nearly half a century of history. A page turner, packed with deadly action, drama, intrigue and romance.

Pearl Harbor and more…

Eight different stories by eight dirfferent authors with one date in common:
December 7, 1941.

To be published next in the ‘Java Gold’ Series:

Book 3 – The Deadly Skies
Book 4 – Bullets in the Rain




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