KNILM Fleet List

KNILM Equipment 1928 – 1945.

Registr. Type c/n History Entry Fate
PK-AKU DH.89A Dragon Rapide 6296 PH-AKU PK-AKU 00.08.35 Written off Ketapangdaja Madura 16.08.38
PK-AKV DH.89A Dragon Rapide 6292 PH-AKV PK-AKV 00.08.35 Broken up Andir Army request 08.03.42
PK-AKW DH.89A Dragon Rapide 6294 PH-AKW PK-AKW 00.09.35 Written off in New Guinea 07.03.36
PK-AFA Fokker F.VIIb-3m 5069 H-NAFA PK-AFA ==> NEI Army FTA-1 T-901 01.07.29 ?
PK-AFB Fokker F.VIIb-3m 5070 H-NAFB PK-AFB 01.07.29 Written off 04.02.38
PK-AFC Fokker F.VIIb-3m 5071 H-NAFC PK-AFC NEI Army FTA-2 T-902 01.07.29 Accident Langgan Sumatra 14.2.32
PK-AFD Fokker F.VIIb-3m 5072 H-NAFD PK-AFD 01.07.29 Written off 20.12.38
PK-AFE Fokker F.VIIb-3m 5123 H-NAFE PK-AFE 01.07.29 Written off Mt Tabangan Bali 16.08.32
PK-AFF Fokker F.VIIb-3m 5188 PH-AFF PK-AFF 31.12.30 Written off Kiunga New Guinea 26.10.39
PK-AFG Fokker F.VIIb-3m 5189 PH-AFG PK-AFG 31.12.30 Written off in enemy action Kemajoran 09.02.42
PK-AFH Fokker F.XII 5243 PK-AFH 18.06.31 Scrapped Andir Army request .42
PK-AFI Fokker F.XII 5247 PH-AFU PK-AFI 03.10.31 Written off by enemy action Semplak 19.02.42
PK-AFJ Fokker F.XII ? PK-AFJ ? 32 ?
PK-AFK Fokker F.XII ? PK-AFK ? 32 ?
PK-AFJ Douglas DC-2-115G 1374 PK-AFJ(2) 00.06.35 Damaged beyond repair – Darmo .12.41
PK-AFK Douglas DC-2-115G 1375 PK-AFK(2) ‘VH-CXG’ 41-1375 44-83226 00.06.35 Sold 28.03.42
PK-AFL Douglas DC-2-115G 1376 PK-AFL ‘VH-CXH’ 41-1376 44-83227 VH-ADZ VH-CDZ N8486D 00.07.35 Sold 28.03.42
PK-AFV Douglas DC-3-194B 1965 PH-ALP PK-AFV 00.06.40 Shot down Carnot Bay Australia 03.03.42
PK-AFW Douglas DC-3-194B 1982 PH-ARG PK-AFW (44-83229) 00.06.40 Written off after enemy action Samarinda Borneo 24.01.42
PK-AFZ Douglas DC-3-194B 1981 PH-ARE PK-AFZ 00.06.40 Written off after enemy action Djambi Sumatra 26.02.42
PK-ALN Douglas DC-3-194B 1936 PH-ALN PK-ALN 00.06.40 KLM -Damaged Beyond Repair enemy action Medan 29.12.41
PK-ALO Douglas DC-3-194B 1937 PH-ALO PK-ALO 00.06.40 KLM- Damaged Beyond Repair enemy action Broome Australia 03.03.42
PK-ALT Douglas DC-3-194B 1941 PH-ALT PK-ALT VH-CXD/44-83228 00.06.40 KLM – Written off Higgins Qld 05.05.45
PK-ALW Douglas DC-3-194B 1944 PH-ALW PK-ALW VH-CXL/44-83229 VH-ANR 00.06.40 KLM
PK-ADA Douglas DC-5-511 430 (PH-AXE) PK-ADA 00.07.40 Damaged Kemayoran 09.02.42 taken to Japan
PK-ADB Douglas DC-5-511 428 (PH-AXB) PK-ADB VH-CXA/44-83230 00.09.40 Written off Parafield .42
PK-ADC Douglas DC-5-510 424 (PH-AXA) PJ-AIW PK-ADC VH-CXB/44-83231 00.06.41 Broken up .46
PK-ADD Douglas DC-5-511 426 (PH-AXG) PJ-AIZ PK-ADD VH-CXC/44-83232 VH-ARD Israel AF 1501 00.09.41 Broken up Israel .55
PK-AKE Ford 5-AT-B 5-AT-42 NC9676 (PH-AKE) PK-AKE PH-AKE 00.09.35 Sold 26.08.36
PK-AER Grumman G-21A Goose 1009 G-AFCH PK-AER 00.07.38 Written off in enemy action Lake Tondano 26.12.41
PK-AES Grumman G-21A Goose 1008 VH-AAY(1) PK-AES 00.06.39 Written off Koepang 26.01.42
PK-AFR Grumman G-21A Goose 1080 PK-AFR 00.03.40 Damaged in raid Semplak 20.2.42 Broken up 08.03.42
PK-AFS Grumman G-21A Goose 1081 PK-AFS 00.03.40 Shot down by Japanese Kupang Timor 26.01.42
PK-AFM Lockheed 14-WF62 1411 PK-AFM ‘VH-CXF’ 00.03.38 Written off Katherine 26.03.42
PK-AFN Lockheed 14-WF62 1414 PK-AFN ‘VH-CXI’ 44-83233 00.04.38 Sold 28.03.42 Written off 13.02.44
PK-AFO Lockheed 14-WF62 1415 PK-AFO 00.03.38 Crashed off Bali 22.01.40
PK-AFP Lockheed 14-WF62 1442 PK-AFP ‘VH-CXJ’ 44-83234 00.08.38 Sold 28.03.42
PK-AFQ Lockheed 14-WF62 1443 PK-AFQ ‘VH-CXK’ 44-83235 00.08.38 Sold 28.03.42
PK-AFT Sikorsky S-43B 4352 PK-AFT 00.12.40 Written off by enemy action Lake Tondano 26.12.41
PK-AFU Sikorsky S-43B 4353 PK-AFU 00.01.41 Written off by enemy action Semplak 19.02.42
PK-AFX Sikorsky S-43B 4351 NC20697 PK-AFX 00.12.41 Written off by enemy action Semplak 19.02.42

11 Responses to KNILM Fleet List

  1. Ronald Dijkstra says:

    PK-ADC Douglas DC-5-511 the correct version is Douglas DC-5-510.


  2. Willem Kramer says:

    I have an amateur film from my grandfather’s maiden flight from Soerabaja to Batavia in September 1932 by the F.VII registration PK-AFC. (on the fiilm) According to your list above this plane crashed in 1931. How can?


  3. says:

    Thanks Robert. I think the plane was repaired after the crash on 14.2.1932 and continued to fly for the Koninklijke Nederlandsch Indische Luchtvaartmaatschappij and sold after 21.9.1932. The date of my grandfather’s flight. Should you be interested I could send you the footage as MP4. I also have two letters from him describing this experience.


  4. says:

    With this link to Youtube you should be able to see the footage:

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Willem Kramer says:

    Hi Robert. Somebody brought to my attention that the youtube starts halfway. I changed this, so it is starting at the beginning. Think it is best to reload it at you blog. In the meantime I found some timetables from those years. Interested in a digital copy? Regards, Willem


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