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Fifteen years of research have yielded an immense amount of information, much too much to include in my novels. The stories would be swamped by the details. But on the other hand, it would be a wicked waste to leave this material unused.

I decided to use this blog as an ‘on-line overflow area’  for all of you who want to know more about the topics I address in my writing.


I am indebted to the following authors and sources of information that enabled me to write the posts on this blog

1. USAAF P-40 / B-17 / A-24 operations in Java

“Summary of Army Air Action in the Philippines and Netherlands East Indies, 7 Dec 1941 – 26 March 1942”- Army Air Forces Historical Studies, No.234 (Declassified)
Allied air campaign across Australia, Sumatra, Java, the Philippines, Burma and CeylonBrian Cull.
“Darwin 1942 – The Japanese attack on Australia” – Bob Alford.
“Australia’s Pearl Harbor – the Japanese air raid on Darwin” – Tom Womack,
“5th Air Force in Australia 1942 – 1945” –
“P-40E/E-1 Operations in Australia Part 1 – 5”, ADF Serials, Gordon R. Birkett
USAAF Worldwide Operations Chronology, December ’41 – March ’42″, Aircrew Remembered
“The Army Air Forces in World War II” V1-5 – Wesley Frank Craven,
“Joint Actions by Allied Air and Naval Forces at Java on 26-27 February 1942″ – Peter C. Boer
17th Pursuit Sqn in Java” Col Lester J Johnson, USAF (ret), Air Force Magazine, Sept 1980,
“From Bali to Berlin”, Brigadier General Thomas L. Hayes, interviewed by Tom Guttman
“The 27th Reports” – extracts from diaries, copies of official orders, stories Jan 1,’40 – May 27, 1942; various authors
A Pretty Damn Able Commander – Lewis Hyde Brereton” – Air Force Historical Foundation 2001, Roger G. Miller,
“General Kenney reports: a personal history of the Pacific War” – George Churchill Kenney,
“In my sights: the memoir of a P-40 Ace”- James Bruce Morehead,
“They Fought With What They Had ” – Walter Dumaux Edmonds
“Bloody Shambles: The defence of Sumatra to the fall of Burma” – Christopher F. Shores,
Doomed at the start: American pursuit pilots in the Philippines,1941-1942” – William H. Bartsch
“Every Day a Nightmare: American Pursuit Pilots in the Defense of Java”, 1941-1942″ – William H. Bartsch,
“Weller’s War: A Legendary Foreign Correspondent’s Saga of World War II ” – George Weller
“Hurricane Aces 1941-45” – Andrew Thomas,
“Samurai!” – Saburo Sakai,
“The Saga of Pappy Gunn” – George C. Kenney

2. Malayan Campaign

Fortnight of Infamy; the collapse of Allied Air Power West of Pearl Harbor”  – John Burton:
Britain’s Greatest Defeat – Singapore 1942” – Allan Warren:
Malaya and Singapore 1941 / 42 – the fall of the British Empire in the East” – Mark Stille:
10 Days at Butterworth” – article in ‘Eastwards’, Journal of the RAF Butterworth / Penang Association
Report on the air operations during the campaigns in Malaya and Netherlands East Indies from the 8th December 1941 to the 12th March 1942” –  he London Gazette, 26 February 1948

3. Java Campaign

The Depot Squadron of the KNIL Army Aviation Corps and the Java-Australia airlift in the period February-March 1942” – Dr. P.C. Boer
The ‘Black Force (Java)” – The AWM monographs
“Brief Diary of ‘B’ Squadron 3rd Hussars” – Major P. William-Powlett, M.C.
The British Tank Unit in the East Indies” – Jacques Jost
British Light Tanks 1925 – 1945” – David Fletcher
“British 3rd Hussar Tank Squadron in the Dutch East Indies, 1942″ – fromThe Galloping Thirdby Hector Bolitho.

4. Australia in WW2

5. The Dutch East Indies Campaign 1941-1942

  • L. Klemens’ excellent website offers a very well structured, detailed and generally unbiased account of the dramatic events that took place so long ago. It is a useful starting point for those who are really interested in reading more about the Dutch – Japanese conflict.

6. Other informative websites


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