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Thank you for visiting my blog! The posts you find here are a direct result of my research into aviation and military history. I use the information I gather as a foundation and background for my books. You may call the genre historical fiction, a story woven into a background of solid and verifiable historical facts. However, the period and region I have chosen to write about (late 1930's - 1950's in South-East Asia) are jam-packed with interesting information and anecdotes. If I'd used them all I would swamp the stories. So this blog is the next best thing. It is an "overflow area" in which I can publish whatever I think will interest you. And from the reactions I get, I deduce I am on the right track. A lot will be about aviation in the former Dutch East Indies. This, because my series of books ("The Java Gold") follows a young Dutch pilot in his struggle to survive the Pacific War and its aftermath. But there's more in the world and you'll find descriptions of cities, naval operations and what not published on this blog. Something about myself; I am a Dutch-Canadian author, living in, and working out of the magical city of Amsterdam. My lifelong interest in history and aviation, especially WW2, has led me to write articles and books on these subjects. I hope you'll enjoy them!

Lancaster Mk.X – A Flying WW2 Icon

One of Ontario’s best kept secrets is its magnificent Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Located just outside Hamilton, it houses a glittering collection of warbirds. And its crown jewel is the beautifully maintained Lancaster Mk. X, one of the worlds two … Continue reading

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Trial by Fire

The Experimental Units of the Condor Legion The Spanish Civil war broke out on July 17, 1936 and the Nationalist leader, General Francisco Franco almost immediately asked Germany for direct support in the form of transport planes to ferry “loyal” … Continue reading

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‘Coming Down in the Drink”

“Coming Down in the Drink” is the (slightly misleading) title of an Irish airman’s full-blown war-time flying record. The book covers most of his life, from the bleak days of his youth in County Kilkenny, all through the 2nd World … Continue reading

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New cover for “The Odyssey”

I am proud to announce the launch of “The Odyssey” with a new cover, designed by Daniela Colleo.   ( The Java Gold Series Follow a few desperate men in their quest for a cargo of pure gold that got … Continue reading

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British Tanks in Java – 1942

Forgotten Heroes of the Malaya – NEI Campaign In December 1941, the Commonwealth forces were driven relentlessly down the Malayan peninsula in a humiliating series of military disasters. Defenceless against swarms of strafing Japanese fighters and harassed by scores of … Continue reading

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USAAF P-40’s in Java – Part Ten

The loss of the Langley and the final curtain When USAT Monroe docked in Brisbane on January 31, 1942, she brought in 70 additional P-40’s while the SS Mariposa delivered 4000 US servicemen, including personnel of the 49th fighter group. … Continue reading

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“Pappy” Gunn, a latter day Daniel Boone

No account of the early days of the Pacific war is complete without mentioning “Pappy Gunn”, one of the most colourful characters to emerge during the early stages of the Pacific war. He left his mark on a number of … Continue reading

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