Combat over the Mediterranean

A birds-eye view, at masthead level

P&S_MED_CoverMany books and stories have been published about the fight in the North-African desert, the defense of Malta and the ultimate turning point of Alamein. Few books, however, have been dedicated to the hard slogging war over the Mediterranean and the coasts of Greece and Italy. And even fewer have given us a feeling for “how it was” by their pictures and photographs.

This book is an exception. It is based upon a veritable trove of gun camera stills and other pictures left behind by Wing Commander Dennis Ormonde Butler DFC, (“Dob”) , commanding officer of 252 Sqn. RAF. These pictures are all taken between 1942 and 1945, during the long and hard fight against Axis ports and shipping in the Mediterranean.


September 17, 1943 – 252 Sqn. attacking  a three-ship convoy carrying troops from Piraeus to Rhodes. Shown here is the 3.754 ton coaster Paula under attack by RAF Beaufighters

Chris Goss, himself an ex RAF wing-commander, has compiled an excellent set of sometimes stunning pictures and has completed them with relevant information from the squadron’s operation record book. This information and these pictures, often taken (literally) at masthead level, provide the reader with a unique insight of what that bitter fight has been.
I recommend this book to all those who want to learn kore about combat over the Mediterranean, especially from the airman’s perspective.

Combat over the Mediterranean
Chris Goss
Pen &Sword – Frontline Books
Softcover, 154 pages
ISBN 978-1-47338-943-9



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1 Response to Combat over the Mediterranean

  1. GP Cox says:

    It is always a fantastic feeling to know that even more relics, such as these photos and stories, have been saved!!


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