ML KNIL Buffaloes – an addition

Various readers have asked me to include some more details on the Dutch Buffaloes. Especially the exact number used, the losses and what happened to the remaining Buffaloes after the NEI surrendered to the Japanese forces in March 1942.


B339C “B-398” at Semplak in July 1941. This machine was severely damaged in combat and written off after a forced landing on Feb 19, 1942.

I have updated the “Buffalo” page of this blog with three tables.
Table 1 shows the various types of B-339’s ordered by the Netherlands Purchasing Commission.
Table 2 shows the losses (in action and accidents) as far as I could trace them
Table three shows what happened to the B-339’s delivered after the capitulation of Java.

And an advice to those of you who are researching the subject of ML KNIL aircraft :
Go visit  and read Jos Heyman’s excellent overview of all ML KNIL aircraft flown in Australia.



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