KLM in the East Indies

The KNILM (Royal Netherlands East-Indies Aviation Company) was an independent corporation in which KLM Netherlands had a share but, much to KLM Management’s chagrin,  no controlling interest.
At the beginning of ‘The Java Gold’  the KNILM network covered all Indonesian Islands, some foreign destinations such as Singapore and Saigon, plus a long distance route to Sydney.


Linked up with the twice-a-week KLM service to Amsterdam, the Sydney line created the longest scheduled airline in the world at that time.

At the end of WW2, an attempt was made to resurrect KNILM but Albert Plesman, KLM’s autocratic boss, ruthlessly killed the idea. Between 1947 and 1950 the routes were flown by what was known as the KLM Interinsular Service. This company and its assets were taken over by Garuda Indonesian Airways after Indonesia’s independence.


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Thank you for visiting my blog! The posts you find here are a direct result of my research into aviation and military history. I use the information I gather as a foundation and background for my books. You may call the genre historical fiction, a story woven into a background of solid and verifiable historical facts. However, the period and region I have chosen to write about (late 1930's - 1950's in South-East Asia) are jam-packed with interesting information and anecdotes. If I'd used them all I would swamp the stories. So this blog is the next best thing. It is an "overflow area" in which I can publish whatever I think will interest you. And from the reactions I get, I deduce I am on the right track. A lot will be about aviation in the former Dutch East Indies. This, because my series of books ("The Java Gold") follows a young Dutch pilot in his struggle to survive the Pacific War and its aftermath. But there's more in the world and you'll find descriptions of cities, naval operations and what not published on this blog. Something about myself; I am a Dutch-Canadian author, living in, and working out of the magical city of Amsterdam. My lifelong interest in history and aviation, especially WW2, has led me to write articles and books on these subjects. I hope you'll enjoy them!
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